Leads Tunnel Review – Facts You Should Know

Gathering, collecting, converting and retaining leads is one of the most important things for any online business. As it is often said, the money is on the email list which contains all your leads. For online advertisers, capturing leads is the top priority as each click is a potential sale waiting conversion.

Important facts about Leads Tunnel

Social networks

Social networks have been an excellent resource for both affiliate marketers and advertisers. Platforms like Facebook and Tweeter offer avenues to capture leads. This is why developers keep coming with new software applications and modules that can be used to gvc3e4r53t26y2762y352capture and direct leads from social platforms. One such module is Leads Tunnel, which has received, several positive reviews and testimonials. It is always advisable to keenly evaluate any lead capturing software and package before spending your money since some are simply scams. Here is a comprehensive leads tunnel review:

How does it work?

Before spending your money on any speculated leads capturing package, it is important to know how it works and whether it is capable of meeting your unique business needs. It incorporates a simple, but powerful framework to capture leads. You can use the list to build your mail list. It creates a tunnel between your Facebook ads and emailing software (email automation auto-responder).

The software sends information your leads to the automation software as they are captured with a unique tunnel. You should note that it does not collect lead data or retain them in its database. This is necessary to prevent the hackers from getting access to your information.

  • Put your ads on Facebook and wait for people to see and click on them
  • When someone clicks on your ad, their basic information like name and email address is immediately entered in the leads formgv23ref52r5et62y27y272
  • They, however, must click on submit to authorize this information to be captured. Once they do this, the information is sent to your email software in just a few seconds.

From the above leads tunnel review, lead capturing no longer requires landing pages and squeeze pages which mean one tiresome step of the funnel process is removed. For your leads to be sent, Leads Tunnel must be integrated with your email software. However, this should not be a problem as the package is integrated with over 20 email automation software including Aweber, GetResponse, and Infusionsoft among others.

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