Using a Yoga Ball Chair For Better Health


Everyone will use a chair at least once a day during their daily tasks. Whether you work in an office or work from home a chair is often used by everyone.

But many do not realize that the chair that yu sit in can be the cause of stress. How can a chair cause you stress?yoga ball chair 02 Well, it is simple when you sit in the same positions for long hours doing your work at a desk or computer, your spine has to bear quite a lot of strain and pressure. When working we always tend to slouch forward, and that puts us in bad posture. Bad posture causes pain in the lumbar area shoulders and neck and what happens when you feel pain? you feel stressed and are less productive in your work.

If you want to avoid this stress you can start using a FitSeats© yoga ball chair. These chairs are basically yoga balls that are fit into a frame. They are rather odd to look at, and you may think they belong in a yoga center. This may be true but for those who do not have to time to workout or exercise they are the best way to get fit while doing your daily work.

When you sit for long hours on a traditional chair, you are putting a lot of strain on your spine. Also, the regular chairs do not have the sufficient lumbar support and make you stoop in front of you desk. This causes back pains that can, in the long run, lead to injury.

yoga ball chair 11With a yoga ball chair, you do not have to worry anymore. When you sit on one of these chairs for the first time, you may find it a bit difficult to maintain your balance. This is the technique it uses to help your body find its natural equilibrium and try to balance itself on this ball that only want to keep moving.

In the process of trying to balance yourself, your body will be making small movements and this it, in fact, great exercise to help strengthen your core area. Using a yoga ball chair helps you stay in correct posture and aligns your spine. It will take away your back aches and also make your work more enjoyable.

These chairs can be easily inflated and deflated to be moved around. They are a great way to stay free of back pains.