The Makings of the Perfect Burger

Everyone has their tastes and likes when it comes to food. Not everyone likes the same food for breakfast or any meal for that matter.

However, there is one exception the Hamburger (Nowadays called a burger as it can have different fillings). Burger 02Everyone like a burger from time to time. They have been made popular by many giant fast food chains around the world and by in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The perfect burger may not be the same for everyone. But there are certain varieties like the Classic American Burger, the Cheeseburger, the slider, the Buffalo burger and many more that are popular.

The perfect burger can, in fact, make you feel full and hit the spot. Many has their preferences like no pickles and onions or no tomatoes. Preferences are most often based on the person’s individual choice.

To have the perfect burger, you must have the best ingredients. For a good American burger, you need to have the best meat, and it has to be prepared and cooked just right. The other components all depend on the person eating it as many have their preferences, but the patty is the key.

Burger 03The buns and the cheese used in a burger also play an important role in the overall taste. There are sesame seed buns, then you get the plain buns, for cheese you must have the right choice. You must also include some lettuce, tomatoes, onions and maybe pickles. Some like to add ketchup or mayonnaise but that would be a personal preference again.

However, the most vital part of the burger is the patty. Making it juicy and tender takes skill. The originals American burgers are made from Beef, but now there are burgers made with Pork, Fish, Chicken and many other types of meats. However, for the original taste and flavour you must have it with beef. Visit to find out how to make a perfect burger.

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