Utilizing the Food Dehydrator to Get More Delicious Meals

There are ways to cooking raw ingredients. We mostly fry, saute, or roast to prepare our meals. All it takes is just a frying pan, and sometimes a roaster. But have you thought of utilizing a dehydrator?

What is a food dehydrator

Dehydrator-22A dehydrator vaporizes the moistures of anything you put in it. The heater will provide heat, just enough for forcing out the water of the meals, and the suctioning fan will clear the water from the dehydrator.

The temperature is adjustable because every ingredient needs different levels of heat to dry out. And a good dehydrator can give you that crisp and texture of the snacks sold in a supermarket. Having a dehydrator can even lead you to live a healthier life because the products you find on the market are usually added with preservatives, salt, and sugar.

Meal ideas for a dehydrator

DehydratorWith a dehydrator, you can accommodate any diet programs. It is a great option for vegans because it can facilitate to make fruit or veggies snacks. For beef lovers, a dehydrator can accentuate the taste of a marinated and salted beef strip. You can even cook beef jerky to later show them off to your beer-buddies.

Below are two recipes and cooking guides which utilize a dehydrator.

Green leather snacks

  1. Pick your favorite fruits and veggies in any combination.
  2. Mix the desired fruits and veggies and blend them nicely. Avoid adding too much water.
  3. Prepare a piece of cellophane with 1/4 inch thickness and put it on the dehydrator’s tray.
  4. Daub the cellophane with the mixture/dough and heat it at 115-118 F for at least three hours.
  5. After half of an hour, flip the mixture and let the other side of the dough dry out.
  6. Your snack is ready after you can feel the elastic and well-dried texture. Cut the dough into pieces with the size of your pinky finger and enjoy.

Beef jerky

  1. Cut beef meat into strips with half of an inch thickness. It is easier to do if you have a fillet knife.
  2. Marinate the strips with salt, pepper, or chili powder if you like them spicy. Leave the strips in the fridge for one night.
  3. Prepare the beef strips on the dehydrator’s tray.
  4. Preheat the dehydrator at 150 F for five minutes, and then put in the tray with the beef strips.
  5. It may take the whole day to turn the beef strips into jerky. In every 6 hours, check the strips and flip them so that both sides of the strips get even heating.
  6. Your jerky is well-done when you can feel the crispness and chewy texture from the strips.


Dried FruitsBuying a dehydrator allows you to cook homemade snacks. They are healthier and can be made in many variations, from fruits & veggies to beef jerky. Snacking can be more affordable and adjustable for personal taste.



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