Ways Men And Boys Can Fight For Equality

It is possible for both men and boys to make a real difference. However, they do know where to get started. Choose an action that works for you and you are on your way of making a huge difference.

Equal rights
There is a need for equal rights to boys as far as parenting is concerned. Boys need protection against uncalled for genital surgery. We need laws in place, which allow boys and men to manism 1be treated equally. New laws will not be in place soon, not unless men take action and call for change. Anytime or anywhere boys and men have unequal outcomes, it is important to highlight such inequality. It is time to call for action and improve the opportunities for both men and boys. Every person deserves healthy, long, happy, and successful lives.

Get facts right
The inequality that boys and men face is never taken seriously. This is because most of the facts are not at the forefront of their collective mind. You have room to make a difference by studying facts and sharing them with other men. Start equality conversations with many other people as possible.

You can challenge sexism against boys and men. You should note that 
sexism has taken several forms terming men as buffoons and villains. People are trying to police our manhood and dictate how they want “real men” should not or should behave. You need to stand up and challenge such sexism at all corners and in its all forms.

Raise men
There are charities that involve both men and boys. You can manism 2contribute some money to them. Such charities ought to work directly with boys and men. You can find charities that tackle men suicide and domestic violence. It is also good to volunteer and become a mentor to other men and boys. You can work in such organizations as a support staff, counselor, or even lend your hand behind the scenes. It is quite difficult to get local projects to volunteer. Keep on searching until you get the one that is a perfect match for you.

Make noise
Start sending letters to national and local media. Start lobbying your local leaders to take action for boys and men. You are that man who challenges gender norms. Find ways to expand your personal limits. In this way, you can mold yourself into a man. Read more to know where to start.

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