Why NorthPoint Business Advisors Can Help Your Business

Since 1995, this business consulting company has been successfully assisting firms of all sizes identify new revenue resources. They keep abreast of the latest strategies in business solution, approaches, operations, and analysis to enable them help you acquire a fresh perspective of what needs to change to optimize your commercial enterprise for rapid revenue growth.

Business Consultants 03Expertise

Northpoint Advisors offers a wide range of proprietary and unique products and services, which are aimed at helping you improve your profitable revenue growth, exact a competitive advantage and avoid risks and pitfalls. This company specializes in offering revenue growth strategies, market sensing, and strategic acquisitions. On revenue growth strategies, Northpoint has helped multiple firms realize stronger growth; thus, has enabled them become the industry experts as far as building top-line lift is concerned.

On market sensing, the company performs both the qualitative and quantitative market research to help business organizers and managers understand the customer preferences, demand as well as competitive positioning. Another field of expertise is the strategic acquisition, which comprises of competent staff to help you progress over complex acquisitions. The company uses a competitive intelligence-trained stealth team who mine deal-critical information as one way of evaluating the suitability of the acquisitions.

Northpoint Business Offerings

Northpoint understands that you need a robust mix of capabilities to not only focus on what matters but also overcome the uniquely complex challenges affecting your business. Therefore, they have developed some business support programs to assist you. These include:

o KAP (Key Advisor Program): A 1-2 year program that aims at serving leaders in the office as well as in shadow mode. Its key benefits are coaching and providing feedback on opportunities.

o InsightPLUS: A proprietary procedure, which gains insight into your commercial enterprise within a short time

o BandwidthPLUS, which helps top executives and managers, develop new ideas and areas, without necessarily blogging down or diverting the attention of others.

o The NPSuite that offers a number of services centered on second-level actions, to accelerate a company growth engine.

o GoTEAMS: A light offering designed to support execution through process management rather than full engagement.

o QuickLIFT: Northpoint’s program designed to give results in 3-12 months. The company usually uses this programBusiness Consultants 02 as a follow up to the InsightPLUS program.

o Strategic Development Process: An offering available in various forms; ranging from driving strategy event to supporting an annual program

Industries Served

Northpoint Advisors provides excellent business solutions for clients from large, medium and even small enterprises. This company serves the following industries:

o Healthcare, Medical Products & Life Sciences

o Industrial & Capital Equipment

o Business Services

o Building Systems & Infrastructure

o High Technology & Telecommunication

o Water

o Energy & Environmental

Northpoint Resources and Contacts

The resources of this business-consulting firm are the brochure that delivers the architecture for sustainable growth, newsletter and case studies.

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